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Switzerland. On the sunny side of the life

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How to buy Swiss Luxury Real Estate

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most attractive countries in the world to live in. An ideal combination of political and economic stability, a clean and safe environment and relatively low tax rates make it the ultimate target for foreigners.

Are you looking for a stunning villa in Switzerland with the lake view, as the main residence of your family?
Or you dream about purchasing a plot in the Swiss Alps and to construct your own chalet?
Or you considering investing in a small hotel and reserve part of it for private use? This can be more attractive than purchasing a large apartment or chalet.
You have come to the right place!
We mainly specialize in the sale of Swiss real estate property to foreigners, and we are ideally positioned in the marketplace to assist you purchase your dream property in Switzerland.
Swiss Luxury Estates (MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG) provides real estate and property consultancy, to guide foreign clients through the entire procedure: from the application for a Swiss residence permit, to buying a house or other luxury property in Switzerland.
We also offer many other properties that are not shown on this website due to the owner’s discretion, so if you have a specific idea of what Swiss property you are looking for, please contact us.

More property for sale in Switzerland
Our exclusive services mean that our foreign clients receive practical, reliable and informative advice on all aspects of property buying in Switzerland. Our services are provided in cooperation with homeowners, construction firms, local banks and qualified legal advisory professionals, to make your dream come true.
Unlike the typical Swiss realtors, who are focused primarily on making sales for their clients (rather than focusing on the needs of the buyer!), we provide customized luxury property search services to meet your specific needs.
We at MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG take care of all aspects of your relocation to Switzerland, steering you through the administrative formalities with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

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